What Is The Correct Ostarine Dosage?

Ostarine is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, or SARM, that helps the user to increase lean muscles in the body. It works like anabolic steroids and is popular among bodybuilders. However, it is not allowed in sports, and anyone found to have used them is banned from professional sports. Nevertheless, it can be used to get a masculine look in men and women without adverse effects as long as the right dosage is taken.

Apart from helping to cut down fat, Ostarine helps to maintain muscle mass. It does this through the prevention of protein breakdown even when the body has calorie deficiency. Besides, it enhances metabolism in the body, leading fast fat loss while keeping the body strong. To achieve all these pleasant results, one must use the correct dosage. Read on for more information.

• Bulking

For men who want to gain bulk muscles in a period between 3 and 8 weeks, they should take 25mg every day. However, 10mg is enough for women looking for the same results. While this dosage can be taken all at once, most users prefer to divide it into two or three dosages.

• Cutting

For a man who wants to lose weight from 4 up to 8 weeks, a dosage between 15mg and 20 mg will give him the desired results. On the other hand, a woman has to use 10 mg daily for weight loss. There is nothing wrong with using Ostarine for 12 weeks, but using it for 8 weeks minimizes the risks associated with it.

Most bodybuilders recommend an eight-week cycle. Besides, every user needs a break from Ostarine. The break’s length is determined by cycle, for example, if you use it for 12 weeks, you need to stop and wait until 12 weeks are over and this is in addition to the three or four weeks recommended at the end of any SARMcycle. Taking Ostarine is easy; you can swallow pills or take it in solution form.