What You Should Know About YK11

YK11 belongs to the group of selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs).

By doing so, it will significantly increase the ability to build lean muscle mass. Due to the fact that YK-11 is selective in its own actions, you won’t encounter a lot of unwanted effects when experimentation with this SARM.

It also stated that YK11 has the capability to reduce myostatin activity, which makes it a myostatin inhibitor. The YK-11 SARM is definitely one of the most powerful ones on the market. You can’t really compare YK to LGD-4033 or any other SARM due to how strong it is.

But, even though YK-11 is remarkably strong keep in mind there were only a few studies done on this chemical. This is the principal reason most men and women appear to go with a SARM such as Ostamuscle, RAD-140or even GW-501516.

It is quite tough to say exactly what the best YK11 dose is. A lot of people will state that 15-20mg is too much and you will not see better than results compared to when doing 10mg per day.

On the other hand, I’ve read lots of people experimenting with high doses of YK-11 and they ended up having great results without any side effects. Some users stack YK-11 along with other SARMs which is something I suggest you don’t do.

There seem to be many different opinions on the YK11 dose and during experimentation, you’ll need to learn what the sweet spot is.

In my opinion, it is a fantastic idea to begin with a relatively low dosage of 5mg of YK-11 per day to find out how you react to the chemical. It is far better to be safe than sorry.

What Exactly Does A YK-11 CYCLE LOOK LIKE?

A normal YK11 cycle will look something like the following:

The first cycle case is often used by people who are new to exploring with YK-11. You may notice folks use a higher dose during their initial run, but it is not really advised.

The next YK11 cycle example is for experienced researchers. The dosage is significantly higher and the cycle length can also be more. Remember these are just examples I have found on several different forums.

It is also suggested to run a SARMs PCT following a YK11cycle.

YK-11 Outcomes

The YK11 results are completely amazing, it seems to have anabolic effects in both muscle and bone tissue. I’ve seen a lot of before and after progress images, and the main thing I discovered was that individuals who used YK-11 appeared to have the best outcomes. If you’re wondering why, it is because YK11 is regarded as the most powerful SARM accessible.

You can easily pack 10lbs of muscle with a bicycle of YK11.In case you are lifting for a while, you will know how much 10lbs of lean muscle mass really is. This takes ages to achieve naturally. A lot of users report crazy strength gains whilst exploring with YK.

That is huge and as with extra strength, you are able to stimulate more muscle fibers, mainly due to the additional workload. Users claim that you will also experience extreme results at dosages as low as 5mgYK11 per day.

Diet and exercise program also play a huge part in the YK-11 outcomes. You definitely need to get people in check before even considering experimenting with the YK11 SARM.

The YK11 before and after pictures I’ve seen are extremely impressive. I knew it was a solid chemical, but the pictures really show its true potential.

A typical before and after progress pictures will probably be amazing.

It’s a really strong and effective compound that can help pack on muscle and strength inside no-time.

It’s also worth mentioning that you obviously want to have your daily diet and coaching in check. By doing so you will have even more remarkable effects with YK.


There is little information available on the half-life of all YK11. Anecdotal experiences tell us that YK11 half-life is comparatively short, meaning it ought to be dosed multiple times every day for optimum results.

The main reason that you want to be dosing YK-11 multiple times daily is to be certain to have steady levels of this chemical on your system. This will also help you get the most from your YK11 cycle.

Let’s say you are experimenting with 10mg of YK11 per day.

To start with, the dose has a massive impact on the possible side effects. The higher the dose, the more you increase the risk of experiencing side effects.

Normally, SARMs do not actually carry any severe side effects but using YK it is apparently somewhat different. Because YK11 is so extremely strong there have been those who have experienced side effects when experimenting with this chemical. It is even being said that it is considered to be anabolic.

The reported side effect seems to be aggression. Some people also claim that YK suppresses natural hormone production. This is the reason why frequently a PCT is advocated after experimentation with YK.

There is also no information available on if YK11 is liver toxic or not. This bodybuilder decided to take a high dosage of YK for a week and the results were pretty wonderful. Be sure to check out his entire experience.

In this video, he explains he took it mostly to see whether there was ANY liver toxicity when shooting moderate to high doses of YK. In addition, he submitted his bloodwork before after accepting YK. 

The YK sarm basically had no effect on his liver worth in any way. From other reviews, in addition, it appears that YK11 has the ability to negatively impact blood pressure. Which means that when you experiment with it, your blood pressure will probably increase.

Again, this is just based on anecdotal experiences located on the web. Everybody differs and every individual might experience different YK11 unwanted effects.


It had been quite tricky to discover a legitimate YK11 review. I wanted to supply you guys with actual results which may be attained with utilizing the YK sarm. The following review provides you with a fantastic idea about what YK-11 can perform.

4 months of YK-11 in 5mg a day. I decided to go with a lower dosage because I wanted to see how powerful it was. I ate in a minor calorie surplus.

This man gained 5,4 pounds of lean muscle while shedding 2%body fat. All his measurements increased and that he gained quite a great deal of size in a short period of time.

I experienced minor lethargy but that was all. My joints ended up aching a bit in the end of the cycle since I gained quite some strength as well.

YK-11 is a good SARM and I am satisfied with the results I have gotten. Bear in mind, this was only a 4-week cycle in a low dose. My diet was pretty bad, I feel if I had my diet point the results would be better.

To be honest with you, I’m not a big fan of the chemical. Yes, it’s considered to be quite a robust and effective chemical but the research is very limited. To put things in perspective, research has shown YK11is possibly stronger than DHT. I would much rather go with a SARM such asOstarine since there is much more research available. I also have heard people experience quite increased aggression as if they were around Trenbolone. For me personally, there are much better choices.


There is not a lot of sellers left which consumingYK11 for sale. My personal recommendation would be Sarms4You. Largely because they have third-party outcomes available for the goods they sell.

Not a great deal of sellers actually test their merchandise because it is very costly and they most likely don’t sell real YK.


YK is a very strong compound. Unfortunately, there is not a great deal of information out there on YK that ought to force you to consider using a different SARM. In my opinion, there are safer and better alternatives for this chemical.

You could even have a look at my post on bodybuilding supplements that work like steroids. Of course, the results aren’t similar to those of SARMs.