Steel Alpha AF Review: Things To Expect


Alpha AF from Steel Supplements is something that serves as a testosterone booster, anti-estrogen and Post Cycle Therapy in a single.

I’ll be truthful with you, the formula is just one of a kind. This product combines various ingredients such as Arimistane and Laxogenin which makes it a great PCT.

You’ll see plenty of people use this product after finishing a cycle of 1-Andro or 4-Andro.

I have personally found it greatly helps speed up recovery after a cycle of prohormones. But, it’s also great to use by itself.


Most of you are going to wish to understand, what makes Alpha AF so special?

It’s the combination of ingredients that makes this product extremely powerful. It is unique and I’ve yet to see formula as found in Steel Alpha AF.

As I’ve used this product several times, I discovered it to help with it…

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  • Lowers Estrogen Fast
  • Enhance Testosterone
  • Gaining Lean Muscle
  • Increasing Raw Strength
  • Boost Overall Performance
  • Burn Fat
  • Strongest PCT Product

As it fostered my testosterone, gaining lean muscle and strength has been a lot easier. Whilst doing so, my motivation throughout my workouts was a lot greater.

I have also used STEEL Alpha AF as a post cycle therapy after my 4-andro cycle. It had been great to help recover from the cycle and it made sure I kept all my energy and gains.

If you’re looking for an extra push in the gym to get the maximum from your fitness regimen, consider stacking it using Adabolic and AMPED AF.



Besides my own positive experiences with this product, I decided to dig a bit deeper.

Let us take a peek at what others had to say about STEEL Alpha AF!

“I took Alpha after my andro cycle. For me, it helped me keep my muscle and strength increases. It is rather expensive but in my view, it is well worth every penny.”


“All I can say is, awesome product. I’m a week into Alpha and I could feel the test running through me. Strength is up, confidence is up and I’m getting thinner. It is much better than other testosterone boosters. Can’t wait to see the results after 4 weeks.”


“I’ve been taking the Alpha for about two weeks now and I’m impressed. I Started feeling the consequences after about one week and I’ve got a lot more energy during my workouts. Power can be slowly increasing and feeling bigger. I also got a lot of free samples.”



Using Steel Alpha AF is quite straightforward. There are two ways that you can take it.

You can take it after a cycle of this Andro’s (Epiandrosterone for example) or even as a SARMs PCT. By doing so, it is going to help you recuperate and maintain gains, energy levels and much more.

The following solution is to take it standalone. Additionally, it works really well when running it solo. When doing this, you can expect more testosterone to be published within the body. More testosterone, more GAINS!

The serving size is 3 capsules but I would suggest beginning with one capsule every day.

From here on you can slowly build up the dose to see how you are feeling the effects. You are going to use the product for approximately one month in total. If you would like to run another cycle of the Alpa, then make certain that you wait at least 4 to 6 months between the bicycles.

It’s suggested to choose your dosage early in the morning when your testosterone levels reach its peak. The formula also contains Black Pepper Extract to be certain your body rapidly absorbs the nutrients.

Personally, I take my dosage during my breakfast.


In my view, Steel Alpha AF is one of a kind. I’ve used many different testosterone boosters and PCT supplements but found this one to be much superior to others.

It is extremely well-formulated, which is why this product has gotten so popular. Yes, it is somewhat expensive compared to other goods but it’s the quality you purchase.

Whether you decide to use it as a PCT or from its own, you will discover that it starts working very quickly.