What Are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators?


The main appeal of selective androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs for short, is that they increase the positive effects on strength as well as muscles. Although anabolic androgenic steroids and pro-hormones offer the same effects, SARMs are thought to have lesser side effects when compared to them.
It was in the 1940s when SARMs were first discovered after the chemical structure of the testosterone molecule was modified by researchers. Due to the fact that the earlier SARMS were derivatives of the testosterone molecule, they were mostly considered as another form of steroids.
In later years, nonsteroidal SARMs were developed which were made from cyclic quinolinones. These were produced by Ligand Pharmaceuticals and were considered to be the first nonsteroidal SARMs ever produced.

SARMs are also produced with individuals diagnosed with male hypogonadism in mind. Hypogonadism is a condition in which testosterone is not produced in appropriate quantities by the male body. Depression, muscle loss and fat gain are some of the other conditions that accompany hypogonadism.
Apart from being a treatment option for hypogonadism, SARMs can also be used to treat conditions that accompany age without being a detriment to the prostate.
What SARMs do is that the key receptors in blood tissues are either blocked or stimulated in order to increase the positive effects that come with it. Muscle mass is proved to expand whereas the typical increase in hormones or the shutting down of the Hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal-axis or the HPG axis is minimized.
Apart from the inflation in muscle, SARMs also promote fat loss as well as bone mass. The ideal SARM should only be taken once every day whereas the bone and muscle effects must be evident. The effects in the prostate which are undesirable should also be close to nothing for SARMs to be ideal.
SARMs are not only used by athletes but also other sectors in the population. People who are affected by muscle wasting disorders and body weakness or wasting that comes with diseases such as HIV or cancer can also benefit significantly from SARMs.

The drugs that can be used to cure said diseases are plentiful, but the advantage with SARMs is that the drug would be non-aromatized as well as non-methylated. This means that the liver is not affected by unwanted toxins. The chance of them being converted into an active androgen or estrogen is also very extremely less.